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    09:00-19h Monday – Friday, Sunday: CLOSED
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    33 Avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris, France
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    +1 202 555-0128
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We commit ourselves being a responsible partner for you.

You have the innovative technology – We have the experience and the contacts to a network of international financial investors. As a strategic partner, we also directly invest in promising technologies ourselves.

We are a responsible, experienced partner and committed to the companies we invest in.

In addition to realizing economic goals, our evaluation processes pursue sustainable value chains.

Venture Capital Investments

in the fields of medical technology

At Morphose HealthCare we commit to common goals.

We bring all our operational skills and personal dedication into working with you. Therefore we are a responsible partner for the companies in which we or our partners invest in.

We offer your company medium to long-term investments and co-operations, which ensure the establishment of sustainable business models.

Supporting the healthcare market is of great importance to us. We contribute by establishing innovative and advanced treatment methods.

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Due Dilligence Prozess

During the due diligence process, we check planned investments for risks and opportunities. This evaluation process initially serves the realization of economic goals such as a return of investment. Furthermore it also deals with issues of sustainability and responsibility towards the environment and employees, respecting diversity of opinion, and following compliance and standards.

Our evaluation processes have proven themselves within a long-term investment model.

Within the value chain, the interests of investors and a fair economic valuation of the company are both taken into account.

It is our goal to create extraordinary solutions for extraordinary technologies!
It is our goal to create extraordinary solutions for extraordinary technologies. Beside international medical technology startups, we also advise established global players in the healthcare market.